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  • assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. <span>Markus Klinger</span> MBA, FEBVS

    assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Markus Klinger MBA, FEBVS

    Facharzt für Chirurgie und Gefäßchirurgie
    Gefäßspezialist – Spezialist für Schlagadererkrankungen – Venenspezialist
    Gefäßchirurg – Aortenchirurg – Carotisspezialist

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Welcome to my homepage!

The following pages will provide you with compact information about my clinical and operational focus as well as my services.
My name is Markus Klinger. I am a senior physician at the University Hospital for General Surgery, Vienna (Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien).
I specialized in the treatment of diseases of arteries of the throat (carotid artery), the abdominal artery (aortic aneurysm, aortic occlusive disease also known as Leriche’s syndrome) and the femoral (leg) arteries (PAOD – peripheral arterial occlusive disease), as well as varicose veins (varices).
As a specialized vascular surgeon, I restrict myself, as a specialist in general surgery, to the treatment of hernia (ventral hernia, within the abdominal wall) and gallstones.
As part of my clinical work, an additional focus is transplant surgery (kidney transplantation) and shunt surgery.
Surgeons of the Vienna General Hospital are well trained in all areas of surgery: abdominal surgery, vascular surgery, transplant surgery and surgical intensive care. Your safety as a patient is the focal point of my work.
I therefore carry out your treatment, according to the medical necessity and/or as desired, either in the Vienna General Hospital or in one of the surrounding private hospitals. If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate ask me during a physician office visit or by contacting me by e-mail.

My services

My services include the diagnosis and clarification, as well as therapy of your vascular surgery or surgical illness. This includes the coordination of the examinations necessary before an operation, such as determining the internal risk and the evaluation of the anesthesiological risk. I also look after you regarding follow-up examinations. I cooperate with the best internists and anesthesiologists in order to offer you the best possible treatment.

Artery Diseases

Artery Diseases

According to the curent state of science, artery diseases are caused by an inflammatory process within the artery wall. The inflammation process leads to the degeneration and ultimately to the calcification of the blood vessel, medically referred to as arteriosclerosis.

Vein Treatment

Vein Treatment

Varicose veins (varices) are usually a cosmetic problem, but sometimes also a medical problem for those affected. Due to a weakning of the venous wall and venous valves, the reflux of the blood to the heart is disturbed.



Die farbcodierte Duplex-Sonographie ist in der Gefäßmedizin für die exakte Diagnosestellung von großer Bedeutung. Mit Hilfe der farbcodierten Duplex-Sonographie können relevante Engstellen und Erweiterungen an Arterien, sowie Thrombosen in Venen diagnostiziert werden. Schließlich dient die farbcodierte Duplex-Sonographie zur Früherkennung eines Bauchaortenaneurysmas.