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  Tel. : +43 699 11436667

Optional Physician

I run my practice as an optional physician (Wahlarzt). This means that I have no contract with health insurance companies. The advantage of this, is that you normally get an appointment in my ordination promptly, for which you have no waiting times.

I have the time to peacefully discuss all relevant aspects of your health problems with you, in order to take the right further steps from there regarding clarification and therapy. In principle, you can submit the fees I have issued to you to your health insurance. However, refunds only cover 80% of the government-regulated rate. My fee takes account of my time spent and the time and effort/expenditure required to organize examinations, operations and the like.

My fee per ordination visit amounts to somewhere between 120 and 200 euros.

If you have additional insurance (Zusatzversicherung), your insurance usually covers the costs.